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Jen is teh Awesome

Thou Shalt Not Be A Buttplug

18 February 1983
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...yes, I really hate doing these bio things. -_- One of these days I'll make a real profile, I swear. (This line has been in here for five years now.)

Anyway, if you happened to stumble upon this and want to friend me for whatever reason your crazy selves come up with (and I hope this decision came about after reading a few journal entries, not just my info)...

    Some things you should know beforehand:
  1. I am a fangirl. (O NOEZ!11alsdk)

  2. I love yaoi (DOUBLE O NOEZ@!!1). I talk about it a lot, I write about it, draw it, and my icons have it. I also like to make fun of it and several of its aspects on occasion. If you're a hypersensitive wanker about anything like that (or can't take a fucking joke), then I suppose you shouldn't stick around.

    And BTW, I like het, too, as well as gen and yuri, but I love me some sparkly lubeless buttsex the most. That's right. Lubeless.

  3. I don't usually initiate the friending process... most of the time I wait until I'm friended first, then I will (eventually) add you.

  4. I'm kind of bad with commenting on entries... >_>;;

  5. I have a constant, bad pottymouth. Can't reform, sorry.

  6. I don't respond to flist cut posts. If you want to remove me, go ahead. If you want to keep me, that's fine too. I'm not gonna make up your mind for you.

  7. 'Cause I should probably add it... my icons were made by me if not stated otherwise. Yes, they are stealable unless it... you know, says it's not. Standard ganking etiquette applies, but I won't throw a hissy if you don't credit.



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